University of Malaya General Staff Union (UMGSU), Malaysia , Youth Committee organised a training workshop from 27 May to 30 May 2009 at Gunung Ledang Resort, Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The training workshop was a team building effort which will develop awareness and organizational skills of young members on unionism. The training workshop was also designed with the wide range of physical activities. These physical activities help the participants to build self-confidence and earn the trust of their peers as they work together through the challenges. Mazmir Mohd Amin, UMGSU Youth Chair, reported that it was the first training workshop for the UMGSU young members: to keep the union dynamic, youthful and responsive organisation, it was important to support youth activities. He again said that UMGSU is proud to acknowledge the important of young members as their future leaders and for the union movement. For more information please contact him at: